Saturday, August 18, 2012

Supper with MCC

After a long day we were invited to walk to Daryl and Cindy's for supper. In the picture you see Diana, Daryl, Cindy, Christie (SALTer), Willie (SALTer) and Carolyn. Daryl made saffron rice and tomato and cucumber salad. He also baked chocolate cake served with ice cream. I had everyone sing the birthday song - for me. I then had them guess how old I am now. No one got it. I am older than I look.

After supper the three English teachers went for a walk to the downtown area. It was down hill all the way. We bought the best hummus ever at a restaurant called Hashem's and dragged it up the hill to the hotel where we ate it on the front porch. The evening was gorgeous. It was the Id after Ramadan, so most people were at home, but we could see them on their balconies having supper.

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