Saturday, September 29, 2012

Afternoon in Wadi Musa

Carolyn loves her Turkish coffee, so we found a bakery near the hotel that served coffee and treats. Most of the desserts feature pistachios. We sampled a number of tiny treats.

The view from our table. We were entertained by all the people coming and going up and down the street. They even had workers picking up garbage.

A look back at the bakery. It is that really big fancy building with the pillars.

There were many barbers in the neighborhood, so I eventually gave in and got a Jordanian hair cut. It cost 5 JD (about 7 Canadian dollars) and was completed in about 5 minutes. The barber didn't ask anything and I just let him do what he did. He landed up shortening my beard, giving me a shave, and trimming my eyebrows and ear hair.

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