Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding Reception

Outside of town is a big reception hall which looked like it was set for thousands. When you first entered there was a big walkway leading to a raised platform which held a wedding cake and champagne. 

The couples had a really fancy place to rest in front of everyone.

Everything was being filmed, and there was a feed to a large screen on the wall, so you could watch what was being filmed. You can see the big camera boom in the back ground.

Diana was impressed by the size of this potato chip. We stayed for about two hours and snacked on salad, chips and nuts. Servers kept coming around with drinks and finally ice just before we left - which was the signal to start drinking the whiskey on the table. We didn't want our driver imbibing, and the drive back to Ankawa in the dark through all the check points was ahead of us, so we left before the real party began. The couples showed up shortly before nine in the evening.

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